Talli Systems Part Of “What Is the City but the People?”

Talli Systems will be taking part in “What is the City but the People?”

A variety of Talli Systems staff members will be involved in the project to highlight diversity, culture and technology in Manchester.

This year’s Festival opens with an invitation – come to Piccadilly Gardens and join friends, neighbours and total strangers for this self-portrait of the city.

Raised high above the pavements, a unique selection of individuals from across Manchester will walk along a runway stretching more than 100 metres through Piccadilly Gardens.

As the working day ends on Thursday 29 June, MIF17 starts. All eyes will be on the people of Manchester as they become the opening event of the Festival.

With live music from Graham Massey assisted by an unexpected mix of local musicians, What Is the City but the People? will capture and celebrate Manchester as never before.


If you’re not in Manchester you can still enjoy the events. Experience What Is the City but the People live and online at mif.co.uk/live.